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Implementation Bank Independent Cash Pooling to optimize the Cash Management organization

Client – Treasury Services

The reason to choose for a bank independent cash pooling has to do with the fact that the Client is working with a significant number of local banks where bank accounts are maintained. The existing overlay cash management structure was not able to satisfy the wish of the Client to keep on working with these local banks. The existing banking solution proved to be expensive, difficult to adjust, and unfair covenants were asked for in agreements. Also external regulators (i.e. Basel III) will make it increasingly difficult for banks to offer a cost effective solution. A situation and challenge that many Treasurers will recognize. Also the recent developments with a number of big cash management banks has increased the need for bank independency in order to create continuity in the cash management organization. Therefore the Client launched a project to optimize and stabilize the cash management organization.

This workshop provides insight into the choices that the Client made to organize the cash management organization differently. The presentation will demonstrate that the solution will provide an answer to today’s actual issues and problems and that this solution will provide other opportunities to work with local banks that have added value to offer for the organization, without having to face the disadvantages in the cash management organization. This will also bring stability in the funding of the organization and it will decrease bank dependency. The workshop will supply insight into the process during the preparation and implementation of the project. The strategic and operational drivers for the project, as well as expectations and the underlying business case will be explained.

The target audience is wide as the case will provide insight to all stakeholders. The presentation is directed towards (Assistant) Treasurers, Cash Managers and (Treasury) Controllers, CFO’s, IT departments and internal auditors.

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