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Cash pooling through software

Treasury Services has developed a revolutionary solution to set up cash pooling structures completely independent from banks through software. This creates significant additional savings and advantages compared to a cash pooling solution with banks. The background of our decision to develop such a solution is described in the Article we published at the European Association or Corporate Treasurers (EACT).

The advantages of Cash Pooling through Software are:

  • Implementation:
    • Implementation time of maximum 1 day
    • Adding, modifying and removing accounts in the structure can be done instantly
  • Pooling Structure:
    • Pooling on accounts maintained with different banks
    • Pooling on accounts maintained in different countries
    • Maximum flexibility, and no limitations, in choice of banks for transactional banking
  • Risk Management:
    • Minimises credit risk on financial counterparts (banks)
    • No guarantees, pledges, covenants and other sureties to banks
    • Compliance rules requested by banks are not applicable anymore
  • Corporate Finance:
    • Optimises funding possibilities
    • No limitations on Finance stemming from Cash Management
  • Economics:
    • No banking fees for pooling
    • Minimises bank accounts and account maintenance fees
    • Minimises bank service fees

The solution we have developed is a complete solution. It does not only consist of a software solution, but also proposed changes for policies and processes, and we investigated the legal and fiscal constraints.

25th November 2011